What is The Exchange / CCI

The Exchange is a discipleship and healing ministry developed by Becky Castle that equips/trains believers to live an empowered life in Christ. Founded on Romans 1-8, The Exchange unfolds the effective work of the Cross and Resurrection in our daily lives. There are two aspects of this ministry.

Part 1: The Teaching
The foundational part is the teaching of God’s original intent for every human being to live in abundance through oneness with Him. It reveals who God really is, His heart for us, how we got separated from Him and what His solution is to that separation enabling is to be restored back to His plan for fullness and purpose.
The second part is experiential and brings healing to our brokenness as a result of our separation. We seek the Lord together with individuals in a prayer time asking God to reveal their stuck lace where they have believed a lie(s)about Him, their own identity or about the way the world works. Then we discover God’s truth instead of the lie and realign with His perspective so that freedom can come in that part of our belief. It revolutionizes our understanding and sets us free to respond to God’s genuine love for us.
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Part 2: Personal Ministry Session
God's desire is for you to live an abundant life!  In the Exchange ministry session, we seek the Lord together to reveal places where our beliefs don’t line up with His beliefs. In the ministry session, which typically takes about two hours, the Holy Spirit reveals the lies so that biblical action can be taken to free ourselves from the effects of those lies. When we embrace God’s truth about ourselves, it sets us free!
Exchange personal ministry sessions are available by appointment.
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